We craft AR experiences that enrich reality

We craft AR experiences that enrich reality

As game makers, museum designers, and parents we are dedicated to creating engaging, educational AR experiences that can bring people together in the real world instead of isolating them from it, and interactivity that encourages active play rather than just passively seated. 

Our YumeGo app allows anyone with a smartphone to discover interactive and enriching content in the world around them. Everything we craft is optimized for the billions of AR capable smartphones people already own.

We are working with with leading-edge thinking museums & institutions to enhance exhibits and make them fun & experiential. We are partnering with schools to create STEM topics more hands-on and active. We are collaborating with brands to add a whole new dimension to their marketing. 


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Active Learning


Active Learning blurs the line between learning and play - it is what happens at places like museums and science centers where kids are free to explore, to touch, to experiment - they end up learning things precisely because they’re having fun and being active.  Active learning has been proven to improve success rates in students and accounts for the growth of STEM toys which can light the spark of learning in children.

We are collaborating with educators and designers to deliver virtual STEM games to any student with a smartphone - at a fraction of the cost of physical STEM toys and with the reach and engagement of mobile games.


Good educational apps are hard to find. Most of the apps and games are played passively while seated. STEM toys are expensive, take up space and are played only a few times before being thrown away creating waste. Science centers and museums can spark interest in STEM subjects in children but taking them there regularly could be expensive and a hassle.


YumeGo Cloud Editor (YCE)

YCE gives designers and partners ability to edit, extend, and adjust AR experience in real-time, providing precision and control over exactly where and when the AR experience can be played.

Cloud-based architecture gives designers and educators valuable anonymized behavioural data to help drive design decisions and optimization, giving them powerful insight and control over game balancing and player engagement.

YCE is architected for Machine Learning leading to creating individualized experiences unique to each player’s style and preferences.


Key Features



Updates and additions to our AR experiences gets pushed to users’ apps instantaneously. Reduces iteration time for designers and partners. Users discover fresh content without updating app every time.


Lightweight & Low Spec

YumeGo is a compact front-end app designed to be downloadable OTA (over the air). Content is optimized to reduce data usage, runs smoothly on older smartphones (iPhone 6s and newer) and refreshes automagically depending on user location



Simple WYSIWYG interface gives everyone the ability to add, edit and extend AR experiences. Deeper levels of customization is also possible with content and design changes propagating to app users almost instantly.


Data Driven Customization

Our app and platform is architected to provide designers and partners with invaluable  anonymized behavioural data to help optimize user experience. Brand partners can use the data to gather accurate consumer feedback. Machine Learning will optimize and individualize our experiences at scale for education and beyond.  


Hyper Real AR

With decades of experience in Hollywood VFX, AAA console games and mobile games, our team of experts are crafting the most realistic and immersive AR experiences on mobile devices. Combined with innovative interaction design we aim to revolutionize the way people interact with AR factual content.


Tracking Agnostic

Our app and platform supports both indoors and outdoors experiences using geo-location, computer vision and image markers. “Anywhere” experiences using image trackers only is also possible for AR books etc.  



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